Baby girl dies in mother’s arms after being struck by car while celebrating first and last birthday

For most people, having a kid is a significant life achievement. When you are a parent, you are responsible for another life in addition to your own.

This Texas couple was utterly in love with their infant daughter. They were happy to watch their little gift grow, but they had no idea that tragedy was waiting for them.

On April 24th, 2021, Alaina wed Brandon Majors. A new chapter in their life as husband and wife was about to begin.  The news of their marriage delighted both their family and friends.

Alaina gave birth to their adorable daughter Ellianna Majors a few months after they got married. The moment the couple laid eyes on their baby, they fell in love with her.

The pleased parents didn’t hesitate to post images of their baby on interet in a variety of stances and while engaging in a variety of activities. The cute little girl’s regular updates delighted their friends and relatives as well.

Her joyful parents were thrilled to celebrate the young girl’s first birthday when she turned a year old.

Alaina walked outside with her daughter on what appeared to be a typical day. She and her daughter were standing next to the mailbox on October 4, 2022, at approximately 11:20 a.m.

A short while later, Henderson County officials learned of an accident that had occurred close to where the couple and their daughter lived.

In fact, the mom and her baby had been involved in the collision. Nathan Simmonds, 25, was driving a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado and crashed into them while speeding over a hill quickly.

Sadly, Ellianna died right afterwards, and Alaina was taken to a hospital so that her wounds could be attended to.

Michael Englehardt, who claimed to be Alaina’s uncle, stated: “This was a senseless accident that could’ve been avoided had the driver not been speeding over the hill.”

Alaina was allegedly the one who stepped in front of the car, but he did not want to believe it. He discussed how the accident had occurred because of a risky bend that was close to Alaina’s house.

The circumstances of this case are currently the subject of an official investigation. Hopefully additional information will be revealed about the precise circumstances of this catastrophe and provide the family more answers.