Baby elephant quickly enters river, believing man is in distress and rushing to aid

Kham Lha, the elephant, shares a deep and affectionate bond with her caretaker, Darrick, at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Their daily interactions clearly reveal Kham Lha’s deep affection for her human companion.

Recently, a heartwarming incident occurred when Darrick was swimming in the river at the sanctuary. Believing that Darrick was in danger, Kham Lha wasted no time and rushed into the river to protect him. The touching moment was captured on video, showcasing Kham Lha’s devotion.

The sanctuary emphasizes the message that when animals are treated with love and care, they reciprocate that love in return.

Elephant Nature Park is a charitable elephant sanctuary located in Northern Thailand, dedicated to safeguarding elephants and rescuing them from various regions across the country.

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