Baby elephant is rescued by a woman, and he is now permanently attached to her

There have been far too many instances in which wild creatures have been removed from their native habitats and exploited for the benefit of humans; the number of species that are in danger of becoming extinct continues to rise.

When one considers the number of people who believe that the wildlife of the globe belongs to them and that it is theirs for the taking, it might be disheartening.

But, happily, there are those who are willing to completely upend their lives in order to rescue our stunningly magnificent nature, which may be understood in more than one way.

BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans / Youtube

Meet Roxy Danckwerst, a self-described “animal hero” who has dedicated the last twenty years of her life to helping ailing and abandoned animals. Her most recent addition is a baby elephant named Moyo, who has completely taken over the rescue facility as well as Roxy’s house.

Rangers in Zimbabwe located Moyo, whose name means “of the heart,” after she had been abandoned on the banks of Lake Kariba. Moyo was found in Zimbabwe. When she was just a few days old, she and her elephant family were attempting to cross a flooding river, but they were unsuccessful and she was washed away.

He was brought to Roxy’s animal rescue center in Harare, which is named Wild is Life. There, he has adjusted well to his new environment and now follows Roxy around wherever she goes. Given that Moyo weighs 123 pounds, their current living condition is not the most convenient option.

BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans / Youtube

Every night you would sleep next to him.
According to Go Animals, Roxy has successfully nursed and rehabilitated a number of baby elephants before releasing them back into the wild. However, the process of releasing Roxy back into the wild will take a bit longer because he is afraid of everything and sick.

Animal rescuer Roxy even resorted to sleeping next to him night after night until she won his trust. Since then, the two have become inseparable, and he now follows her everywhere she goes, even snuggling down on the couch next to her.

The following video is an excerpt from the BBC show “Nature’s Miracle Orphans,” in which you can see these two precious souls together and learn about Moyo’s affinity for all things silver.