Baby born at 1lb-11oz defies odds and thrives despite mother was told he would not survive as a micro-preemie

Saniah Poindexter’s son Kayden – SWNS

A 1-pound-11-ounce baby born three months early was initially believed to not survive, but his mother now reports that he is thriving and has defied the odds.

Saniah Poindexter discovered she was pregnant at 19 years old.

Her pregnancy was proceeding normally until Saniah returned from college with a high fever and a stomach ache at 26 weeks.

She went into preterm labor, giving birth to her baby 14 weeks early.

“I did everything I could in my pregnancy to be healthy.

“I cried about it a lot when I was warned he “would not survive”. They told me I would be lucky if he came home.”

Kayden, born as a micro-preemie, was only 1lb 11oz at birth and stayed in the NICU for 65 days.

Kayden has been released from a Michigan hospital, weighing 4 lbs 8 oz, and according to his mother, he is now thriving at home.

Saniah Poindexter with her son Kayden at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital – SWNS

“He’s defied the odds. He’s doing really great, despite us being told differently,” said Saniah, who is pursuing a degree in business management at Grand Rapids Community College.

“Bringing him home was the happiest day of my life.”

Kayden, who is technically only one month old, is already a “very feisty” baby, making noises and demonstrating the ability to roll over.

“He is always looking for me, which shows he is a really advanced baby,” Saniah told SWNS news service.

“I knew he was special.”