Baby adorably impersonates “tall woman” on mom’s shoulders with perfect expression

Cartoons and TV shows often depicted the idea of stacking three kids beneath a long coat to impersonate an adult, creating the illusion of an unusually tall person with a child’s face. This comical trick usually worked, giving off a vibe like, “Move along folks, nothing to see here. Just an abnormally tall man with the face of a toddler.”

6-year-old conversed with Jesus while experiencing a near-death episode in the hospital

However, in real life, this scenario rarely arises. There are no rogue kindergarteners attempting to enter a bar by concealing themselves under a long overcoat. It appeared to be one of those things that you’d expect to encounter more frequently during childhood, similar to the quicksand predicaments depicted in media. In reality, children are usually under close supervision. However, supervision doesn’t necessarily eliminate the possibility of mischief.

A TikTok user named Messi Ross shared a video in which her toddler enacted the classic gag of stacking people to pretend to be an adult, with mom in on the prank.

In reality, the toddler couldn’t pull off the classic stunt on her own. Messi Ross lifted her toddler daughter onto her shoulders while they went shopping, resulting in a comical situation. As they strolled through the store, they appeared like a very tall lady with a tiny head, and remarkably, the baby’s facial expressions seemed to match her mom’s actions.

Tyla shared the video on Facebook, adding captions that enhanced the humor. Commenters also joined in on the fun, enjoying the amusing shopping adventure.

Some comments included:

“This remind me of a movie The Little Rascals stymie and Spanky dress as gentleman went to take out loan,” one person writes.

“I would die of laughing if I saw this in person. So cute and funny,” another says.

“This is so adorable!!! Put a big smile on my face!!! Thank you!!!,” one person writes.

You can watch the video below to enjoy the hilarity:

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