Australian police arrest 100-year-old woman to fulfill bucket list wish

The Victorian Police recently made an unusual arrest, but there’s more to the story than meets the eye. They apprehended 100-year-old Jean Bickenton, but it wasn’t a case of criminal activity gone astray. In fact, it was all part of a carefully orchestrated plan to fulfill Jean’s lifelong desire.

Jean, a former nurse, decided to celebrate her milestone birthday in a rather unconventional way. While some centenarians may prefer a scented candle or a letter from the Queen, Jean had a different idea. Having led a law-abiding life without ever experiencing certain adventures, such as getting drunk or being arrested, she saw her birthday as an opportunity to add some excitement.

During her birthday celebration at the Narracan Gardens Residential Aged Care, Jean found herself in the spotlight as police officers arrived to grant her wish. Mock handcuffs were placed on her as she was wheeled out, adding a touch of playful rebellion to her special day. Jean cheekily remarked that the handcuffs were too big for her, showcasing her spirited attitude.

The police officers, thrilled to be part of Jean’s unique celebration, ensured that the other residents were aware of the plan so as not to cause unnecessary alarm. Their Facebook post highlighted the joyous occasion, emphasizing their commitment to making Jean’s dream come true. Jean herself expressed her gratitude and described it as one of the best celebrations she had ever experienced.

The heartwarming story resonated with many people, who praised the Victorian Police for their community-oriented approach. The touching comments expressed admiration for their role in bringing happiness to Jean’s life. As the viral story unfolded, it captured the hearts of readers who found inspiration in Jean’s zest for life and the police’s commitment to making a difference.

Looking ahead, Jean’s future birthdays may prove to be a challenge to top the excitement of this memorable occasion. Perhaps a tramp stamp, as suggested humorously, could be the next surprising addition to her celebrations.