Ashton Kutcher Tears Up When Discussing Cerebral Palsy Twin Brother and How He Fought Off Street Bullies for Him

Although Ashton Kutcher is now well-known for his portrayal of Michael Kelso in the hit television show “That 70s Show” and is a renowned actor, he had many difficult obstacles while growing up. The actor used to worry a lot about his twin brother Michael Kutcher when he was younger.

On February 7, 1978, the two sons were delivered five minutes apart. Michael’s birth surprised their parents Diane and Larry Kutcher, who were unaware that they were having twins. The Kutcher twins’ youngest child was born with poorly undeveloped lungs and a low birth weight.

When Michael was three, his mother started to worry because she noticed he wasn’t growing as quickly as his twin brother Ashton. She took him to a variety of medical professionals, and after they obtained a number of expert opinions, Michael was formally identified as having cerebral palsy.

Additionally, the youngster was later found to have cardiomyopathy, a condition of the heart that necessitated a heart transplant. When Michael was 13 years old, he developed myocarditis and passed out in the hospital. Ashton sobbed uncontrollably, later confessing that he thought about jumping off the balcony so his brother might win his heart.

Michael overcame numerous challenges to become a well-known person and an inspiration to many others who share his illness. Ashton was proud of the man his brother had become into and admired Michael’s fortitude and compassion.

Ashton Defeated Bullies to Protect His Brother

The least of the many issues that came with having cerebral palsy as a child was how other people reacted to the condition. Michael stood out among his peers because his condition was made clear by his glasses. Consequently, other kids at his school frequently taunted and tormented him. He revealed:

“I had all of the stereotypes that come with having a disability. I was called every name in the book on the playground. I had difficulty making friends. But I had Chris there to help me and support me.”

Ashton constantly stuck up for his younger twin during their upbringing. The actor picked confrontations with the kids and demanded they treat Michael with greater respect whenever they called Michael cruel names or mistreated him. Even at sleepovers, he insisted that his brother accompany him.

Ashton inspired his brother to help people with cerebral palsy later in life. Michael was first incensed when the actor revealed in an interview that his brother had the disease. He stated that he made every effort to conceal his ailment because he never intended to be an advocate for people with similar conditions.

The mother of a young girl with cerebral palsy eventually got in touch with Michael, and the two of them went out for coffee. She introduced him to her daughter because she wanted him to talk about the condition. Michael understood after the meeting that he had a wonderful chance to offer people like him hope.

He took advantage of his twin’s notoriety to start raising awareness of his illness. He gradually improved the lives of those who shared his illness, which helped him develop confidence. In the end, he acknowledged that by letting him talk more openly about his disease, his brother had done him a great benefit.

The Twin Brothers’ First Interview

As they grew older, Michael and Ashton’s connection deteriorated. Ashton’s brother felt left out as he rose to fame as an actor. They drifted apart for a period as a result of Micheal’s admission that his brother’s success made him feel inferior and bred jealousy. He mentioned:

“There was a moment where I viewed him as receiving more attention than I was, and that kind of drove me down to a place where I was jealous … He goes off to do immense things, becomes a household name. It really affected me in terms of my own self-worth.”

Fortunately, the two soon united to address the rift that had developed between them. Michael made amends with his brother after realizing that he was the same guy he had always known.

On “The Checkup with Dr. David Ages,” the two discussed their relationship openly, and Ashton acknowledged that their disagreement was largely due to his popularity. The actor admitted that his ego had grown as a result of his fame, and that he needed to reflect on himself to maintain his introspection:

“I also had my hang ups, like when I first started to experience success on a very large level, it goes to your head.”

Ashton was able to maintain his modesty in the face of his success thanks to his brother, and the two men agreed that they could now see one another as equals once more.

Michael was able to represent the Cerebral Palsy Foundation because of their strong relationship. While Ashton appeared in several popular comedies, his brother helped those with various infirmities. He collaborated with Joshin, an app that matches qualified carers with those who have special needs.