As a flight attendant, this baggage tagging error poses significant safety concerns

A common travel mistake, often overlooked by many, has been highlighted by Ally Rae Case, a flight attendant known as @allycase1 on TikTok. In a resurfaced 45-second video clip, she addresses a crucial luggage tag error made by travelers.

Ally explains that openly displaying your luggage tag information can pose a significant security risk. Instead, she recommends flipping the luggage tag paper to conceal your contact details.

“I have a tip for you. Always make sure your luggage tag has the contact information facing the other side,” she advises in the clip, which has garnered nearly 59,000 views.

Disabled mom writes touching note after son carries her to flight seat

She goes on to explain how this common mistake frequently occurs, with travelers inadvertently exposing their home address, email, and cellphone number on their luggage tags.

“That’s way too much information for just anyone to have,” she cautions.

When reached for comment, Ally reassures concerned travelers who fear losing their luggage, stating, “Whoever finds your bag is going to take out the piece of paper and flip it to the other side to get your contact information.”

This travel hack is applicable whether you’re navigating the airport or commuting on public transit.

“I ride the train a lot, and there are a lot of crazies on there,” she observes. “I don’t need my information just there for everyone to see.”

Disabled mom writes touching note after son carries her to flight seat

Some fellow travelers have shared their thoughts and suggestions in the comments section beneath the video.

“I’d write an arrow or ‘FLIP’ on it just in case whoever finds it thinks it’s blank,” one traveler suggests.

“Mine says ‘open for contact info’ and is located inside!” another traveler chimes in.

@allycase1 If I run into any of you guys in the airport with a phone number facing outwards I’m going to have some words for you #flightattendanttips #traveltips #travelsafety ♬ I Feel Funny – Justin Bieber

While one viewer expresses skepticism about flipping the luggage tag to hide personal information, others swiftly offer solutions to address these concerns.

“You could write ‘see other side’ if you’re unsure,” a helpful commenter proposes. “Just use a sharpie so it bleeds through the paper enough to tell there is writing on the other side.”

In a world of evolving travel strategies, some travelers have even completely eliminated traditional luggage in favor of fishing gear vests loaded with their travel essentials. One creator, Natasha Hunt-Stanley, praises this approach as a “great travel hack for budget airlines and early check-ins,” helping her “avoid those high [baggage] charges.”

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