Arizona couple exchanges vows in the mayonnaise aisle, where they first met

At least a few times in their lives, most people will act in ways that deviates slightly from the norm.

This is merely an observation, not a scientific theory, and it probably makes life interesting. When a couple in Casa Grande, Arizona, decided to wed in the “mayonnaise aisle” of their neighborhood grocery store, Fry’s Food and Drug, they went against the grain.

It was love at first sight when the two came into each other while searching the aisle for mayonnaise. Following their decision to exchange phone numbers, everything else happened quite rapidly.

The two started dating in August 2021, and a week after exchanging phone numbers, Denis proposed to Brenda. The following April, he unexpectedly knocked on her door to let her know he was going to buy her an engagement ring, so clearly things went well. Brenda stated to Fox 10 Phoenix that she called him a few hours later and inquired as to whether or not he had consumed alcohol.


If Denis were to propose, his future bride would only ask that he do it in the same aisle where they first met. Whether or not you notice a theme, I sense one here. Denis concurred and then added the icing by informing her they could also get married there, proving that love will drive you to do interesting things.

Brenda walked down the aisle that was stocked with a variety of items. To witness the wedding, family and friends gathered outside. “We don’t have that many more years to do something dumb and stupid,”  the bride told Fox 10 Phoenix. This nuptials will undoubtedly dominate local news for a time. Instead of just listening to me, read what the newlyweds have to say below.