Argentinean dog risks his life to save two little girls from a dangerous puma attack

One of South America’s biggest predators, the puma may weigh up to 180 lbs.

After coming face to face with a puma, Morocho, a Dogo Argentino, made the courageous decision to put his own life in danger in order to protect two little girls.

According to Wikipedia, the Dogo Argentino is a large, white dog with a powerful build that was bred specifically for the purpose of hunting large animals in Argentina.

It was common knowledge that they hunted wild boars. Dogo Argentinos are breed of dog that was purposely developed to guard the people they live with.

Therefore, this is most likely the reason why it was simpler for Morocho to bring down a puma.

The first person to breed Dogo Argentinos was a man named Antonio Nores Martinez.

After then, his grandson seized the helm. In order to ensure that his grandfather’s work was being carried on, Dr. Ulises D’Andrea Nores would frequently pay a visit to the breeding facility.

Carolina Cappalletti, who is married to Ulise, remarked that she felt quite protected whenever Dogos was present in their home.

In 2008, while Nores’ family and several friends were spending the day on their farm, Morocho demonstrated that his grandfather’s legacy is continuing to be carried on successfully.

9-year-old boy approaches an unfamiliar police officer and discreetly hands over a note

The daughter of Mr. Cappaletti, Sofie, and the daughter of their friend, Yoli, were having fun together beside their favorite fig tree.

Yoli climbed to the highest branch she could reach in the fig tree since she was aware that the best figs were typically located at the top of the tree.

There was only one issue to be concerned about. 

In that tree, she wasn’t the only one to be found there.

When Yoli finally made it up into the tree, however, it was already too late.

She was completely oblivious to the fact that there was also a puma, sometimes known as a mountain lion or cougar, hiding in that tree.

She shared her experience with Animal Planet, saying, “When I saw the puma I was really scared.”

With a maximum weight of up to 80 kilograms (180 lbs), the puma is one of the largest predators native to South America.

dogo4u.blogspot explains, “When Yoli was about 7 feet from the ground, she started hearing noises up on the tree, like branches tweaking and leaves moving. She looked up and saw a BIG puma jumping down the upper branches.” 

“The animal hit the kid with a paw and Yoli went all the way down, falling flatly on her back from 2 meters high.”

Thank goodness, Yoli and Sophie were able to get up and start running, but the puma was right on their heels the whole time.

Morocho, who weighs 90 pounds, leaped in to save the girls, which is a blessing.

He didn’t waste any time in chasing after the puma and attacking it.

When Yoli’s father noticed his daughters screaming, he made a beeline for the scene as quickly as he could.

Tomas Bracamonte said, “I was thinking it was a snake. I came running. I raced to them as fast as I could.”

9-year-old boy approaches an unfamiliar police officer and discreetly hands over a note

Morocho was waiting for him when he got there. The dog had suffered severe wounds yet managed to stay alive despite them. The same was not true of the puma because it had already died.

Morocho was in a bad way, so Bracamonte brought him back to the farm.

Because Morocho had saved the girls, the families were extremely thankful to him.

 The girls explained: “If it wasn’t for Morocho, we’d be hurt.”

Morocho was cared for for a total of ten days, and in the end, he was brought back to full health.

Cappaletti said: “After that attack, Morocho became a hero here. Morocho has a special place in our heart because he is our protector.”

Because of Morocho, those two small girls are alive and well today.

Morocho’s brave deed left millions of people all over the world in a state of astonishment.

On YouTube, the video telling the story of Morocho has been viewed by more than 2.5 million people.