An uncommon scene of seal and dog playing fetch together goes viral

A surf photographer captured a viral video at a Santa Cruz beach last weekend: his dog fetching a ball with a seal.

Posted by @christoq on Twitter, the dog and seal are seen bouncing through the ocean, chasing after a ball thrown by the dog’s owner. As of Sunday, the video had over 2 million views.

As the owner tosses the ball, the seal approaches the shore. The seal leaps into the air in an attempt to beat the dog to the ball, but the dog triumphs and returns it to the owner.

Many people said the video made their day.

“Land puppy meet sea puppy,” replied @sounddude18. Another user pointed out that dogs and seals are actually related as both are part of the suborder Caniformia within the Carnivora order. 

Others responded that people should be cautious, as seals can be aggressive.

“Sorry to be a killjoy but seals are not to be trifled with,” said @teachallamerica. “I would never have let my dog near one.”