All four missing divers are safe, thanks to their Coastguard rescuers

Four divers who went missing off the coast of Cape Fear, North Carolina, were successfully located and rescued by the US Coast Guard after an overnight search. The individuals have been identified as Ben Wiggins, 64, Luke Logde, 26, Dr. Daniel Williams, 46, and his 16-year-old son Evan. Fortunately, none of them sustained any injuries during the ordeal.

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation

Reports from the Sandhills Sentinel reveal that the divers had ventured away from their leisure boat for a swim, inadvertently straying farther than intended. Thankfully, they had a strobe light with them, which aided the Coast Guard in spotting them in the water during the early hours of the morning.

Despite a shark encounter and a lengthy period adrift, the missing divers were eventually located and brought to safety.

Dad's visit to her daughter following the birth becomes a viral sensation

Brandon Toms, owner of FST Dive Services, emphasized the importance of proper equipment for divers and highlighted the challenges of navigation without familiar landmarks in open water. The divers’ safety equipment played a crucial role in their rescue, aided by the dedication of the Coast Guard.

The divers were joyfully reunited with their families, marking the end of a potentially dangerous situation. Coast Guard spokesperson Jonathan Lally expressed relief at their safe return and confirmed ongoing investigations to understand the circumstances of the incident. He praised the cooperative efforts of search and rescue teams and highlighted the primary goal of ensuring the safety and well-being of those in need.

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