Albino sisters born with a 12-year age gap have become successful models

Asel and Kamila are two siblings from Kazakhstan who share a rare genetic disorder known as albinism. Albinism causes a lack of pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and/or hair, giving albino people a unique appearance.

It is a very rare condition, which makes it all the more remarkable that one Kazakh couple had not one, but two albino children 12 years apart.

Asel, the older sibling at 14, has been modeling since she was 10 years old. However, with her 2-year-old sister Kamila by her side, she has become even more in-demand. The two have gained a substantial following on social media, with over 33,000 followers on Instagram.

While their albinism has brought them great success as models, it has also presented challenges. Albinism is associated with medical conditions such as sensitivity to sunlight, which can make it difficult for them to spend time outdoors. Asel is careful to protect her skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen, protective clothing, and headgear or using an umbrella.

Despite these challenges, Asel and Kamila have a close bond that provides them with support and understanding. They are fortunate to have each other, as albinism is so rare that albino people can often feel isolated and alone.

Asel and Kamila hope that their success as models will bring more attention to albinism and help to break down stereotypes about the condition. As Asel explained, “Many people do not know what albinos are.” Through their modeling and advocacy work, they aim to show the world how uniquely beautiful albino people can be.