After pretending to be dead for 321 days, man gets an acting job on CSI

A man who posted a fake death video on TikTok every day for 321 days got his wish when he was cast as a dead body on CSI: Vegas.

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It turns out that you can get on a big TV show and have your chance at fame by working hard, being dedicated, and making hundreds of videos of yourself claiming to be dead.

Josh Nalley, a man from Kentucky, at least managed it by posting videos of himself claiming to be dead on his TikTok account @living dead josh every day in the hopes that a show will use him as a corpse in one of their episodes.

After 321 torturous days of acting as if he were dead, he finally got his wish granted when CSI: Vegas got in touch with him after discovering the viral star and gave him the opportunity to portray a dead body in one of their episodes.

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During an interview with the Courier Journal, he said that he did not have any prior experience in the acting industry, but that through a lot of practice, he had developed the ability to more convincingly depict a dead body.

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He shared: “I don’t like speaking on camera, but I can lie there and act like I am dead pretty easily.”

“Having done more than 300 of these posts, I have progressed and gotten better. At first, you could see me breathing, or the fake blood looked really bad.”

Josh discovered that the secret to a believable corpse shot required action in the film so it didn’t just appear like the photograph; as a result, while he was motionless in the grave, his surrounds were lively and mobile.

According to him, the inspiration for the concept came from seeing a woman post about spicy sauce on TikTok and receive a ton of offers from merchants. This made him wonder whether he could accomplish the same thing by portraying a dead body on television.

Josh has gotten a lot of other invitations to portray a dead body for other movies, so maybe his chance at fame is only getting started. Despite this, he has no plans to leave his day job as a restaurant manager.