After noticing 9-year-old son’s daily disappearance, father decides to clandestinely tail him

Do you always attempt to feed a stray dog when you come across one? It’s unlikely that you do so consistently every day. Instead, you probably wish the best for the dog, hoping that a compassionate individual will provide it with a caring home.

However, in the Philippines, a nine-year-old boy named Ken Amante noticed three stray dogs on the streets and decided to take action. He started visiting the grocery store every day after school, using his pocket change to purchase food for the dogs.

When Ken’s father learned of his son’s kind-hearted gesture, he was deeply moved. Ken even gave names to the dogs he was helping: Blackie, Brownie, and Whitey. Can you guess the color of each dog based on its name?

Over time, the three stray dogs grew to trust Ken and allowed him to approach them with affection. Ken’s father captured some pictures of his son with the dogs and shared them on social media.


The images gained traction online, and soon donations began pouring in from around the globe to support Ken’s efforts to feed the dogs and any other strays in need.

Inspired by the outpouring of support, Ken established the nonprofit organization Happy Animals Club to aid these animals. With the funds he received, Ken leased a shelter to provide a safe haven for the needy animals.


This all took place in 2014, and Ken is currently a teenager who continues to care for these animals. He has since created a website and amassed numerous supporters who assist in ensuring the well-being and happiness of these animals.


Through his actions, Ken has come to realize that even a simple act of kindness, such as feeding a stray dog, can have a significant impact and reach a vast number of people.