After Mom’s passing, siblings interrupt Dad’s wedding and tell him: ‘Don’t get married’

As the man was en route to tie the knot with his fiancée, he was confronted by his children who demanded that he provide them with financial support. They argued that if he could afford to get married, he should be able to afford to support them, particularly since his eldest daughter had been shouldering all of his expenses.

While weddings can often be a source of stress, this couple’s pre-wedding jitters were not due to wedding preparations, but rather the objections raised by the groom’s children, who accused him of being neglectful as a father.

After losing his wife, the man moved on quickly and found another woman to share the rest of his life with only two years later. During that time, he neglected his duties as a father and lived a carefree life.

A Sudden Encounter with His Offspring

Adrian Chamorro’s plans for his wedding day were disrupted when his children caught wind of his upcoming nuptials and decided to make a surprise appearance at the provincial municipality hall in Pasco, Peru, where the ceremony was to take place.

When Adrian arrived at the hall, he was taken aback to see his four children and several of their relatives standing before him.

His eldest daughter, who was 21, along with her three younger siblings, held up signs and demanded that he repay his debts to them. They accused Adrian of neglecting his responsibilities to them after the loss of their mother, as they had not received any financial support from him in the intervening period.

Adrian Chamorro | Rojo Vivo

His Offspring Called for Accountability

“Don’t get married, take care of us!” one of Adrian’s children shouted at him as he was making his way to the altar with his fiancée. Despite his attempts to pacify his child, they persisted in their demands for child support.

The situation quickly escalated, with blue paint being thrown at Adrian and his children charging at him. His suit, white shirt, and maroon necktie, as well as his face and face mask, were all stained with paint. The police had to step in to de-escalate the situation, as a growing crowd was beginning to gather.

 Source: Rojo Vivo

The Older Daughter’s Responsibility

Adrian’s elder daughter told him how she had been shouldering the responsibility of caring for her three younger siblings, without any help. The pressure was compounded by the fact that she was a mother herself, and instead of just caring for her own child, she had to care for her siblings as well.

Frustrated by the situation, she called for justice. When asked about her difficult circumstances, she said:

“I just want him to take care of my brothers. He doesn’t have money to feed them, but he does have money to get married.”

Eventually, municipal workers and law enforcement had to intervene to calm down both the siblings and Adrian. He agreed to postpone the wedding until he had resolved his issues with his children. No news was reported about Adrian’s fiancée, who managed to escape the chaos unharmed.

Source: Rojo Vivo