After hearing her 4-year-old autistic son call her “Mama,” the mother is overcome with emotion

She couldn’t believe it, so she asked him to keep saying the word.

When it comes to a developmental disability like autism, even the smallest steps forward are very important. A mother shared the beautiful moment when her autistic son called her “mama” for the first time on social media. The video was posted on Reddit by u/dante8447, and parents of autistic children really liked it.

The boy keeps calling his mother “mama,” which makes the boy’s mother look shocked. When she asked the child, “Where is mommy?” he put his hand on hers. She’s crying as she asks her son to say it over and over again. Many people on Reddit were moved to tears by this touching moment, and they wrote in the comments to show their love. Reddit user David-Oaken joked:  “I’m also autistic, She looks happy now but… Quote from my mother ‘you didn’t speak till you were 4, then we couldn’t get you to shut up.’ Give her a week or so. She’ll be sick of it.”

u/tempermentalelement, a parent of a child with autism, said: “As a father of a nonverbal autistic son this touched me. Congrats! I’m literally dying for my son saying Papá.” Another father, u/Abject_Class4121, wrote: “As a father, I have to admit that there is no greater feeling than for my children to see me and say ‘dada’ ‘papa’ and run up to me and hug me, seeing their smiles and their random idiosyncrasies that make them who they are. Seeing this video makes those feelings rush back into me, it is amazing!!” 

Another parent of an autistic child, u/tempermentalelement, shared: “I’m currently laying on the couch and my 3-year-old autistic son has his arms wrapped around my neck while he sleeps. He’s non-verbal now but I hold out hope that one day I will have this moment.” u/kidnorther wrote: “Toddler parent here, I can see the amazement in your eyes. Thank you for sharing this a.”

It’s always great to see parents take pictures of their children’s beautiful movements. In another cute video, a young boy with autism named Tommy went to his first Halloween party, and his reaction was funny. The child can be seen bouncing and having fun with other kids at the party while wearing noise-canceling headphones, which can help people who are sensitive to competing sounds. On the video, there is text that says: “Today my autistic son took part in a Halloween disco… I remember all too well the years when understanding and following instructions seemed near impossible.” 

The child can be seen at the disco having the time of his life and beaming with happiness. “Now Tommy takes part in and enjoys activities I used to only dream of,” the parent wrote in the video. People with autism spectrum disorder often have trouble making friends and getting along with other people. Because of this, people may miss out on important moments in their lives. Still, with ongoing care and help, they can live their lives to the fullest.