After being in coma for 5 weeks, widow opens eyes upon hearing her late husband’s voice

A woman was close to death after a terrible accident, and her survival chances were slim, according to doctors. During her time in intensive care, she had a unique encounter that provided her with the determination to continue fighting.

Although many couples utter the phrase “Till death do us part” during their wedding vows, some connections are so unique and beautiful that they persist even after one of the partners has passed away.

This is the tale of a British woman whose love for her late partner remained unbroken despite the passing of time and distance, and how one event changed her perspective on life.

An Unexpected Occurrence

Carole Attle from Eaglescliffe, County Durham, England, had no idea what awaited her when she went shopping on a summer day in 2022. However, on July 28, while she was in Matalan, she experienced something unexpected and unimaginable right after purchasing a gift for someone.

Critically Injured

Attle suffered severe injuries after being struck by a single-decker bus in Stockton-on-Tees, catching her completely off-guard.

Attle was airlifted to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough in critical condition with bruises all over her body, a broken nose and eye socket, three broken ribs, and a brain injury.

Receiving the Heart-Wrenching News

Attle’s family praised the doctors for their efforts to save her life. Despite severe injuries, she spent five weeks in the ICU and was put in an induced coma. During this time, her daughter Rebecca Dowson remained by her side, hoping for her recovery.

Dowson, who was working at the hospital’s library, rushed to her mother’s side upon hearing the news of the accident, only to find her in a critical condition.

Little Chance of Survival

According to Dowson, Attle’s medical reports and X-rays appeared unpromising, and the doctors informed her that they had exhausted all options.

Despite spending seven weeks in the ICU and an additional two weeks in the trauma ward, Dowson was informed on multiple occasions that her mother’s chances of survival were slim.

Defying the Odds

Despite being given little chance of survival, Attle miraculously pulled through and managed to recover from her critical injuries. After spending nine weeks under the care of a medical team, she was given clearance to return home in October 2022.

A Vision of Her Beloved

After waking up from a medically induced coma, Attle, 74, shared a remarkable experience that helped her survive her ordeal. She had a vision of her late husband, who had passed away in 2019 at the same age.

Her husband appeared beside her in the ICU and told her that there was no room upstairs for her yet, and she needed to fight for her life. Attle credits her husband’s encouragement for giving her the courage to pull through.

Truly Priceless

Attle’s vision of her late husband proved to be a life-changing experience, enabling her to recover from her critical injuries. Attle and her daughter, Dowson, met the paramedics who responded to the July 2022 accident in March 2023 and thanked them for their help.

The family expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the medics, with Dowson adding that having her mother alive was invaluable to her.

We hope that Ms. Attle continues to receive love and support, and her deceased husband watches over her from above. If you enjoyed this story, please share your thoughts on Facebook.