After a boy tells a cop he is selling lemonade to buy new shoes, the officer returns a few hours later

“We should teach our children about the world in which they live.” ~ Thomas Berry
We love our kids so much that we would give them the world if we could.

But as we get older, we realize that even if we could, it’s better to teach our kids to be grateful than to try to get something for ourselves.

Life can be hard, and sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we can’t afford certain things or need to put our basic needs first.

In these hard times, it’s also helpful for a child to know the value of money and how to make extra money for things they want or need.

Some of the most common ways for our kids to make a little extra money are to sell used things or to sell cookies or lemonade.

They aren’t really selling to make money. Instead, it’s all for our kids to play with and learn from.

At the same time, they learn how to value the money they’ve worked hard for and get to spend it on whatever they want.

When we were kids, most of us had the chance to do this.

Do you still remember how excited you were when you were setting up your “store” in your garden or helping your mom make lemonade? Do you remember how happy you were when someone bought your cold, refreshing lemonade?

Did you save the money you earned or buy a toy with it?
Officer Joel Perez of the Ansonia Police Department did something sweet that went viral on September 3, 2022.

Wendelyn Narvaez wrote on Facebook that her grandson, who is in first grade, set up a lemonade stand. Besides the drink that would quench your thirst, he also had cookies and brownies.

A police officer came up to the little boy as he was selling his cool drink.
When the officer introduced himself, Landen, who was Narvaez’s grandson, was confused.

He then asked the boy why he was selling lemonade.

Little Landen said that he was saving money so he could buy brand new blue sneakers for school.
Officer Perez asked the boy what size he was, and then he left.

Landen was still selling lemonade after a few hours. Then, he saw someone he knew.

Officer Perez was coming back to his lemonade stand with a box in his hands.
The kind police officer gave Landen a pair of blue, store-bought sneakers.

At that moment, Landen’s grandmother took the picture that went viral.

Narvaez wrote on her Facebook page,​“Landen was surprised and couldn’t believe it,” 

A former military police officer was the kind police officer who bought Landen a new pair of shoes. Then, in March of last year, he was hired by the Ansonia Police Department.

“I am honored to work for such great community. Giving back is not only a blessing but a daily reminder of where I came from. Landen, I hope you enjoy your new sneakers and never forget how great of a kid you are. May God bless you and continue protecting you and your family!” said Officer Perez as he shared their viral photo.