Adorable father holds his hand in an odd posture for 45 minutes so his kid can sleep peacefully

The snapshot was shared on Reddit, where it elicited conflicting reactions from other people. Some people praised the father’s efforts, while others mocked him.

Some parents go to extraordinary efforts to ensure that their children’s lives are pleasant and fulfilling. When they are focused on their children, they sometimes forget about themselves. A snapshot depicts a father who chose not to move his hand for 45 minutes in order to ensure his daughter slept on a flight. u/therra123 uploaded the photo on the SubReddit “Wholesome times.” It depicts a father cradling his daughter’s head as she falls asleep in her airline seat. The father is seated behind his daughter and has not moved his hand for 45 minutes in order not to wake her up.

The image was also shared on Twitter by @TheMindBlowing, where it earned over 1800 likes. People were moved by the father’s gesture and stated that this is exactly how a father should treat their children. On Reddit, someone said, “You gotta love those Daddy moments! This is what distinguishes a father.” “She may not understand it now, but she’ll always remember the warmth of her father’s hand in that time,” another added. Another Reddit member said,  “I would trade anything for my Dad to do this to me. Some people just want to feel and express love the way they can. Do better people.”

Sleeping on planes is a difficult challenge for many people, especially on long-haul journeys. Finding a comfortable sleeping position is frequently difficult for people. This father did everything he could to ensure that his daughter was comfortable and rested. Some Reddit users, however, disagreed with his strategy, claiming that he could have chosen better alternatives.

Someone remarked,  “While sweet, I feel like the parent could’ve been way smarter… use a sweater, bring a small pillow, backpack, ask the air stewardess for some blankets and use those. Idk lol it didn’t need to come to this.” Another said, “I’ll give my 9-month-old daughter that treatment, but when she’s 10 or 12 or 15, she’s gonna have to use some problem-solving skills and get a pillow. I’m raising my daughter to be a woman, not a hopeless damsel in distress.”

Another person stated,  “This feels creepy to me and over the top for a “daddy moment.” The girl is old enough to deal with the situation itself. And I don’t even really believe that someone could keep their arm in that position for 45 minutes. Their arm would fall asleep and they wouldn’t be able to keep them extended. Even if you tried to do this you wouldn’t be able to keep your arm still and the movement would wake up the girl.”

Some users even went so far as to remark that photographing strangers and posting them without their permission is not acceptable. According to one Reddit user, “Why are we ok taking photos of strangers and posting it online? They’re people, not objects.” Some people even shared their similar experiences as a parent going to great lengths for their children. A user wrote, “Just today I placed my hand under my daughter’s head to give her a more comfortable sleep for an hour… She is two months old, but still.”