Accidentally texting the wrong number led to her happily married life with six kids

When a woman accidentally sent an uplifting Bible verse to a wrong number, little did she know that this small mistake would set off an incredible chain of events.

Back in 2009, Brenda Rivera intended to send a message of encouragement to her friend, sharing the biblical wisdom of “do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.” However, the message ended up reaching a stranger named Isiah Stearns, who responded with an enthusiastic “Amen to that, who is this?” Brenda quickly realized her error and apologized, expecting the conversation to end there. But Isiah saw something special in this unexpected connection.

Isiah told TODAY that he recognized someone reaching out to help him on his spiritual journey, and he decided not to let this encounter pass unnoticed. The following day, he called Brenda, leaving her “a little creeped out,” but also leaving a heartfelt voicemail expressing how the Bible verse had brightened his day.

Feeling the sincerity in Isiah’s words, Brenda made the decision to call him back. She discovered that they lived just a short distance apart, only 50 minutes away from her family in Ohio. “We had an immediate connection,” Brenda shared, and thus began a long-distance romance that surprised both of them—Brenda never expected to be with a clean-shaven white man who couldn’t dance.

Love, however, works in mysterious ways. Brenda suggested that Isiah meet her mother for an informal interview, and he agreed without hesitation. After their meeting, Brenda’s mom came back with an overwhelmingly positive review, proclaiming that Brenda should “marry this guy.”

And so, the love story between Isiah and Brenda Stearns began. Over the past 13 years, they have built a beautiful life together, raising six children: Victoria, Veronica, Samuel, Vanessa, Benjamin, and Ezra. Isiah has also traded his skinhead appearance for a salt and pepper head of hair.

Brenda believes that the path they’ve walked together is a testament to the mysterious workings of the Lord. She couldn’t imagine having such a loving family without Isiah by her side, and she cherishes the serendipitous connection that started with a wrong number and a Bible verse.

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