Abandoned puppy in the forest with all of his belongings waits for someone to find him

He was abandoned for around two weeks with a damaged limb, a closed bag of food, and toys. All he had was a bed to sleep in.

Hank was a family member at one time. However, they deserted him in the woods and left him there.

They abandoned him there with a damaged leg, a bag of food that was still sealed that he was unable to open, his bed, and some worn out toys.

A kind stranger came across him in the woods, where he was quietly resting on his dog bed, and they immediately called the local animal shelter.

On their Facebook page, Humans and Animals United wrote the following:


Those who helped Hank were concerned that he may become hostile because he was in the process of trying to survive, but in reality, he was a big softy at heart.

In an interview with The Dodo, Rosa Fond, the founder of Humans and Animals United, said the following: “He was nothing but love from the moment they got him. Everybody says that he’s the sweetest dog.”

After being picked up right away, Hank was sent to the animal hospital, where it was discovered that the dog had been suffering from a fractured leg for more than two weeks.

He didn’t get out of his dog bed because of this.

It hurt him so much. Hank had to have a big surgery. Facebook posts say that he was almost put to death.

Nevertheless, Humans and Animals United came to Hank’s aid and ensured that he received all of the necessary essential care that he need.

He had been without food for an unknown amount of time, but when he was discovered he had lost a significant amount of weight. However, it is quite likely that he had been left behind in the woods for a period of two weeks prior to his discovery.

During this time, the employees at the animal hospital made it a point to shower him with a lot of affection and care. The story of Hank received a lot of attention on the internet.

The rescue organization wrote: “So thankful, for the good Samaritan that found him and everyone involved in his care. I know he will have a wonderful life from here on out.”