A funny moment a 5-year-old girl upon realizing she won’t grow up to be a princess and would have to do “boring things” like “go food shopping and wash the dishes” she bursts into tears

When a student realized she wouldn’t be a princess when she grew up and would instead have to deal with “boring” responsibilities like washing dishes like her mother, she started crying.

While seeing Catherine Stafford-Grimley, her mother, clean the home, rla McEvity of Erskine, Scotland, questioned the mother about why she have to do it.

The girl sobbed as the 25-year-old woman said that grownups must perform chores because they will one day have to perform “all the boring stuff,” like going shopping and cleaning the dishes.

Rla expressed her displeasure at having to perform all the mundane tasks that come with growing up.

The little girl said: ‘It’s like having to go food shopping and I have to wash the dishes. That’s boring isn’t it?’   

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At-home mother Catherine consoled rla as she sobbed and claimed that she wasn’t glad to grow up.

The mother said: ‘She thought she was going to be a princess growing up, not doing the house chores. I was laughing inside that a five-year-old could worry about such things.’

The mother of two claims that rla has never liked doing chores and that once the camera stopped recording, she vowed to figure out how to prevent her legs from lengthening so she would never grow up.

Catherine, the mother told: ‘Órla is such a dramatic child she exaggerates a lot of things in life. The other day she felt like she was dying all because I’ve asked her to tidy her room.

‘Another time she fell over and said she’s never going to use her legs ever again.

‘I said all of us have to grow up and that it’s part of life and she asked why she had to be born, again very dramatic.’

The humorous tape had family and friends in fits of laughter, and they urged her to save it until Rla’s 18th birthday.