90-year-old woman receives GED, realizing lifelong dream – Congratulations!

Realizing your dreams is never too late. It is still possible to achieve many of the objectives you set aside when you were younger, even when you are older.

The dream of many people is to graduate. Many people who had to leave high school or college due to a variety of personal reasons still aspire to return and complete their education.

That was the case for one elderly woman, who had dreamed of receiving her GED ever since she dropped out of high school decades earlier. At the age of 90, she finally witnessed her goal come true.


According to WLOX, Mississippi’s Ellouise Lewis, who was in the tenth grade, was forced to leave high school. She claims that years later, not graduating is still one of her biggest regrets.

Ellouise’s desire, however, was recently realized thanks to some helpful personnel at Gulfport Care Center, her nursing home.

Lisa Perdue, the activity director, learned about Ellouise’s wish and tracked down Wells of SouthGate, a nearby Christian-based learning facility, to assist the senior in obtaining her GED.


Ellouise began reading and preparing so she could ace a practice exam given by the learning facility.

She aced the examination, and they awarded her an honorary GED in recognition. Although it’s not a real GED, she did meet the qualifications to get one.


At a ceremony held at the nursing home, Ellouise received her certificate from the learning center. Ellouise, who was wearing a cap and gown, broke down in tears as she achieved her lifetime dream.

She said WLOX: “When they told me here that I could get my GED, I was happy about it. I’m still happy. Excuse me, because this makes me happy to know that I can do this.”

“I never did get a chance to graduate until this day.”

Ellouise is the first student at the learning facility to get an honorary GED. Leonard Martin, who gave the 90-year-old the certificate, said it was wonderful to be involved and expressed his hope that many people “follow in her footsteps.”