9-year-old surprises police officers with a $10 bill hidden inside a letter, shocking them

When you’re a kid, you pick up very quickly that the police are not to be trifled with, and this idea sticks with you throughout your life. They are the resolute men and women who go after criminals armed with terrifying weapons. When you were being bad, perhaps your mother even threatened to call the authorities on you every once in a while.

When Brooke Yost, age 9, went to a gas station and realized she didn’t have enough money to buy a dozen donuts, she probably believed the state trooper who was in line behind her would catch her.

However, not having enough money to buy doughnuts isn’t illegal; it’s simply a really unpleasant situation to be in.

When the police officer saw that Brooke would not be able to take anything with her, he made the generous offer to pay for her dessert.

The presence of the police made Brooke feel nervous, so she thanked him and as soon as she got her donuts in her hands, she ran out of the establishment.

In most cases, here is where the tale comes to a close. However, not in this instance.

When Brooke came back to her house, she realized that she literally had to make amends to the kind police officer. She then placed the ten dollars that she owed him into the envelope along with a heartfelt letter of gratitude that she had written.

She wrote:

“My name is Brooke and I am 9 years old. I was at Sheetz and I didn’t have enough money. A nice police officer behind me kindly paid for my item. I thanked him but I felt bad because I didn’t offer him the money I had. So I am donating this money. I want to thank this officer again. Stay safe, Brooke.”


The letter that Brooke had written to Chad Savannah, the officer who had reimbursed her for the donut holes, was eventually delivered to him. However, it also moved the hearts of the other police officers who worked at the local station.

They didn’t require Brooke’s ten dollars, but they were struck by her thoughtfulness and made the decision to give her a respond nevertheless.

As a group effort, the police officers thanked Brooke for her kindness by purchasing a gift card to a toy store in the amount of fifty dollars on her behalf.

One more time, you’d be accepted for thinking it was the end of the story. However, this wasn’t the case because Brooke had even more acts of kindness up her sleeve!


Brooke was kind enough to give the money she spent from the $50 gift card she received to a charitable organization.

After discovering this, the authorities realized that Brooke was truly exceptional and something remarkable. They came to the conclusion that the best way to show their appreciation for her was to give her a personal tour of the station, during which they gave her presents and, of course, doughnuts.

The generous deeds that Brooke performed originated from her own heart; nevertheless, it’s possible that her parent’s wonderful upbringing played a role in as well.

The following is what Brooke’s mother had to say about it in an interview with CBS Pittsburgh:

“We’re trying to teach our kids right. That’s all we’re trying to do is teach them the right thing to do and to take care of what they owe for. We felt that she owed for them donuts.”


The activities of Brooke are evidence that having a positive attitude may infect others. If you’ve been moved by what you’ve read, why not pay it forward by helping those around you? Be sure to check out the video that’s been provided below and spread it around.