9-year-old earns funds to purchase 108 Thanksgiving dinners for families in need

Lisa Fischer recommended a few years ago that her family participate in a charitable endeavor in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they reside. Everyone was on board, even her daughter Alex, who is 7 years old.

Following Lisa’s research, the family chose Charlotte Rescue Mission, a program that assists both men and women with drug and/or alcohol addiction.

The Fischers made the decision to make a donation to the program’s yearly Thanksgiving drive.

Lisa said WCNC: “She was like one box is not enough, let’s do ten.”

That was a period of time that goes back a few years. This year, Alex, who is now 9 years old, and her sister, Caroline, have already amassed enough money to contribute enough food for 108 boxes of Thanksgiving dinner.

“I think everybody should have a Thanksgiving meal with their families. A lot of people in Charlotte don’t have Thanksgiving meals.” 

When Lisa’s family began donating food to the Thanksgiving food drive held by the Charlotte Rescue Mission, she suggested to her daughter that she begin a fundraising effort.

Alex was immediately able to surpass her target through the use of fundraising, which inspired her to keep working toward her objective of assisting others who are in need.

The child who was nine years old said: “Last year we decided to go even bigger and I thought our goal should be 101 boxes and we ended up donating 130 boxes.”

Alex and her younger sister, who is six years old, have been able to gather enough money this year to contribute 108 cartons of food by running various lemonade stands and launching a GoFundMe campaign.

According to the information provided on their GoFundMe website, each donated box will include nine different food items, a frozen turkey weighing between 12 and 15 pounds, and a pan that can be used to bake a pie.

“Every year it continues to grow.”

She has high hopes that her girls would carry on the practice of giving back as they get older, but for the time being, she has expressed that it is humbling to see how many people are eager to help others.

This is such an amazing endeavor to pursue. I have high hopes that these young women will keep doing this for many years to come.