9-year-old child sobs as his three-year cancer treatment comes to an end, just in time for Christmas

We will never give up the fight against cancer until a treatment is discovered since it is a sickness that is genuinely awful.

Nearly all of us are personally acquainted with someone whose life has been altered by cancer. Some of us have even fought in the battle ourselves.

Steven Cotter, who is nine years old and hails from Oklahoma, is one individual who is fully aware of how challenging that may be. Back in 2016, when he was only six years old, he was given a diagnosis of high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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Facebook / Ashley Cotter

Because of the aggressive nature of his disease, Steven started his first chemotherapy treatment only a few days later. Since that time, the therapies have been ongoing… right up until the previous week.

On Saturday, December 14, Steven’s mother, Ashley Cotter, celebrated the fact that her son had completed his course of therapy by posting a video online. Just know that it will melt your heart.

The following caption accompanied the post: “PRAISE GOD!!! Little mans VERY LAST CHEMO!!! BIG TEARS OF JOY❤️❤️❤️”

The clip does not include any sound, but it is not necessary for it to do so in order to express the emotion that was felt by everyone involved.

In the video, you can see other people joining in on Steven’s joyous celebration as he sobs with emotion brought on by his good fortune.

“He’s had so many blood and platelet transfusions over the past three years, so many medications and hospital stays,” Steven’s mom said in an interview with ABC6 News.

Well done, Steven! What a remarkable present for Christmas, and what a courageous young man you are.