88-year-old crossing guard lost his life while shielding kids from speeding car

Heroes may not always wear capes or appear in movies; they can be found in real life, performing incredible acts of bravery at great personal cost. Such is the case of Bob Nill, an 88-year-old crossing guard at Christ the King Parish School in Kansas City, Kansas, who dedicated his life to saving children from danger.

Known as “Mr. Bob” to the students, Nill had been working as a crossing guard for five years, and was highly regarded by the school community. On one day, he tragically lost his life while pushing children out of harm’s way from a speeding car.

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Reportedly, at 8 a.m. on Feb 19, 2020, a black car was seen speeding through Nill’s crossing. Despite the danger, Nill acted heroically to save two kids by putting himself in harm’s way.

The school principal, Cathy Fithian, expressed her gratitude that the two students Nill had stopped followed his directions and were safe.

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Eyewitnesses reported that the 88-year-old crossing guard pushed the children to safety before he was struck by the vehicle. Randy Nill, the nephew of Bob Nill, said that his uncle’s act of bravery was typical of his character.

Randy explained that though some might consider the job of helping children cross the street as trivial, it was an important task for his uncle, and now they truly realize how crucial it was. Bob may have saved many lives.

Police officers show their hilarious dance moves inside an elevator

Nill’s professional background includes finance and service in the Coast Guard. However, after retiring, he continued to serve his community as a crossing guard.

According to Randy, Nill’s nephew, his uncle felt a sense of satisfaction from helping children as well as himself.

On their Facebook page, Christ the King Parish School posted an update regarding their crossing guard, Mr. Nill. They expressed their sadness about his passing and requested prayers for his family, as well as for the children, parents, and teachers impacted by the accident. The statement also acknowledged Nill’s heroic actions in preventing two students from crossing the street as a car approached.

Rest in peace, Bob Nill. Your heroic efforts have saved lives and will always be remembered as such.