81-year-old stroke survivor conquers cancer twice to attain long-awaited degree

An 81-year-old woman who has overcome a stroke and battled cancer has displayed remarkable endurance by obtaining her bachelor’s degree.

Janice Hall, a resident of Indiana, is a deserving candidate for a relaxing retirement. Over the course of her more than eight decades on Earth, she has fulfilled the roles of a mother, survived a stroke, and successfully defeated breast cancer not once, but twice. In addition to these accomplishments, she takes pride in being a grandmother to 14 grandchildren and a great-grandmother to 17.

You would think that after all she has been through, Hall would want to take it easy and enjoy her well-deserved retirement. However, a few years ago, she defied expectations by enrolling in a degree program at Bethel College, a private Christian institution in Indiana. She chose to pursue a certification in organizational management, considering it a significant item on her “bucket list.” Over the years, Hall worked diligently to achieve her goal.

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Facebook/Michael Patton

Bethel University’s program in organizational management focuses on teaching students about the inner workings of organizations while also developing their management and leadership skills. The curriculum covers various topics such as human resources and marketing, which translate into practical skills in areas including economics, finance, statistics, and systems management.

Students at Bethel have the option of completing their degrees in two years by attending classes twice a week for four hours. This year, Hall proudly joined the university’s alumni on stage to receive her well-earned diploma. Her remarkable journey received an overwhelming response, with screams and ovations filling the room. Her story inspired others, leading to her being hailed as an “inspiration.”

Police officers show their hilarious dance moves inside an elevator

Facebook/Michael Patton

Reflecting on her achievements, Hall emphasized that her age and disability do not define her. She firmly believes that seniors have much more to contribute and offer. Their wisdom can be imparted to the younger generation, creating a valuable intergenerational exchange of knowledge.

Hall’s graduation was celebrated by her son, Michael Hall, who shared images of the momentous occasion on Facebook. Michael expressed his congratulations to his mother, highlighting the significance of her accomplishment at the age of 81. He described it as an extraordinary milestone.

Michael’s post received an outpouring of positive feedback from Facebook users, who expressed gratitude and admiration for Hall’s perseverance. Many praised her as an incredible woman and a true inspiration, emphasizing that it is never too late to achieve one’s dreams.

Despite having received her degree, Hall shows no signs of slowing down. She has already been accepted into Bethel’s master’s program in ministry, indicating her unwavering determination to continue pursuing her passions. Her experiences serve as a powerful reminder that age is merely a number and should not hinder one’s pursuit of personal and academic growth.