80th wedding anniversary couple shares their recipe for a long and happy marriage

Elton and Betty, who were once high school sweethearts, have been married for 80 years and are now sharing the secret to their long and happy marriage, touching the hearts of many with their story.

Elton and Betty Denner, both born and raised in California, first crossed paths during their high school days in 1939. Their attraction for each other quickly became apparent, and they knew they wanted more than just a platonic friendship.

After Elton graduated in 1942, he enrolled at Santa Ana College to pursue engineering. However, with the outbreak of World War II, he put his education on hold to join the Army Air Corps pilot training program.

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Not wanting to wait any longer, Elton and Betty tied the knot in October 1942. Shortly after, Elton became an instructor on single-engine planes and eventually B-29 bombers.

As a second lieutenant, Elton was stationed on the Pacific island of Tinian, where he served during the war.

Elton expressed in an interview with KGW News, “It would have been terrible to be in the Army and moving around, and not have her with me.

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“We had the war to start with,” Betty added, “and that started us on out track.””

Throughout their military training and active duty, the couple was inseparable. Betty never left Elton’s side, and they always felt they were meant to be together, seeing their meeting as a blessing.

Following the end of the war, they returned to California and started a family, raising two daughters and a son. Elton pursued a career as an architectural draftsman and started his own contracting business, while Betty primarily stayed at home to care for their children. However, she did work for a period in medical offices and in a junior high school cafeteria.

In 1980, after retiring, the couple relocated to Vida near Eugene, Oregon. However, they eventually returned to California to be closer to their family. In recent years, they moved to Newberg at Brookdale Senior Community in Oregon, where they celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary in October.

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The couple celebrated with their three children, nine grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren with a reception at the senior community. During the celebration, they shared happy memories and kind words about each other. Their daughters also shared how the couple’s strong communication skills were a beautiful example for their family.

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“Such a beautiful example for all of us.”

Betty herself said:

“Have a good foundation, keep your feet on the ground”.

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Betty revealed that having a solid foundation and keeping both feet on the ground is the key to maintaining a long and happy marriage. The couple’s love for each other is apparent, and Elton looks forward to each new day with his partner.

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This inspiring couple is a reminder that true love exists, and it should be treasured every day.