80-year-old veteran has made homemade toys for children in need every Christmas for 50 years

At Christmas, everyone should show as much love as they can. This is why, even though it’s winter in most places, it’s the warmest time of the year.

Every December, we hear about people who went out of their way to spread joy and cheer. This year is no different, which is good.

Meet Jim Annis, who lives in Sanford, NC. He’s been making toys for kids for 50 years, and he’s not going to stop now that he’s 80.


The veteran carves, sculpts, and sands his creations before giving them to needy children. You’re right… just like the old wooden toys you used to play with.

Every year, Jim usually gives about 300 toys to the Salvation Army near him. “When the Salvation Army gives out the food and clothes to people in this area, I give out my toys. It feels like you’re sort of forgotten about at Christmas time.”


Jim makes the toys by getting scraps of wood from his neighbors and buying the rest of the materials himself. “Between the wheels and paint, I spent about $1,000,” he said, as per ABC11.

And why does Jim’s work look so good? He says he didn’t have as many toys when he was a child. “My dad worked but didn’t make a lot of money. It’s hard to have a big Christmas with five kids. I love it when people ask me how much do I get paid for making these toys. I tell them my pay is when I see the smile on kids’ faces. I hope to be able to do this until my toes curl up.”