80-year-old man claims to have not slept in 61 years and physicians are baffled as to why

An 80-year-old Vietnamese man has purportedly gone without sleep for over 60 years, yet he asserts that doctors remain utterly puzzled by his condition.

Could you fathom staying awake for 60 years? Personally, I struggle to remain alert for even 60 minutes without starting to nod off.

This intriguing tale originated in Vietnam during the tumultuous war that spanned from 1955 to 1975. Initially, Thai Ngoc managed to sleep amidst the harrowing conflict. However, in 1962, an abrupt change occurred, and he ceased to experience sleep.

6-year-old conversed with Jesus while experiencing a near-death episode in the hospital
Thai Ngoc hasn’t succeeded in sleeping for decades. Credit: YouTube/Drew Binsky

Ngoc shared the details of his unique predicament during an interview with YouTuber Drew Binsky. Drew sought out Ngoc in Vietnam to delve into his condition and to understand how he spends all those hours when sleep eludes him.

“Whatever the case is, I traveled 2 days from Arizona to a small village in South Vietnam to track him down, stay up all night with him, and see if it was actually true that he doesn’t sleep,” Binsky explained.

During the interview, Ngoc confided in Binsky, expressing that he possesses ‘no understanding’ as to why sleep remains elusive for him.

6-year-old conversed with Jesus while experiencing a near-death episode in the hospital
Thai Ngoc’s inability to sleep began in the middle of the war. Credit: YouTube/Drew Binsky

His wife initially expressed ‘concern’ regarding her husband’s inability to sleep, but with the passage of time, this peculiarity has become ‘routine’ as she’s never witnessed him experiencing a deep slumber.

Ngoc has sought medical assistance at the hospital in hopes of unraveling the mystery behind his insomnia. Regrettably, doctors have been unable to offer any additional insights.

Occasionally, after consuming a sufficient amount of rice wine, Ngoc manages to quiet his mind long enough to attain one or two hours of sleep. Despite his attempts to rest, he finds his eyes seldom closing.

For the majority of the time, he remains awake and active. As others engage in restful pursuits, Ngoc occupies himself with work and the production of rice wine.

Ngoc affirmed that he doesn’t experience fatigue in the conventional manner like most individuals do. He derives bursts of energy from consuming green tea and rice wine.

It’s certainly an effective strategy to maintain productivity, but Ngoc openly acknowledged his desire to experience a good night’s sleep.

During the opportunity to address the global audience through Binsky’s video, Ngoc made a heartfelt plea to anyone who might possess insights that could assist him in achieving slumber.

Following his encounter with Ngoc and noting the elderly man’s reluctance to discuss his experiences during the Vietnam War, Binsky speculated that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) could potentially play a role in his ongoing insomnia.

To the best of Ngoc’s knowledge, he stands as the sole individual in the world who has endured the challenge of going without sleep for such an extended duration.

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