8-year-old managed to sneak his self-written book onto a library shelf, which now has a waiting list of 56 people

Dillon Helbig’s 81-page graphic novel, “The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis,” written under the pseudonym “Dillon His Self,” won the hearts of local librarians and their patrons. Despite the challenging task of writing a book, even for professional adult writers, the 8-year-old Dillon accomplished his goal through sheer determination.

Using colored pencils and a hardcover journal, he wrote and illustrated his book in just a few days, labeling it “Made in Idho” [sic] and placing it among the books in the children’s section of his local library in Boise, Idaho.

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When Dillon’s mother called the library to inform them of her son’s accomplishment, the librarians embraced Dillon’s work and awarded him the first-ever Whoodini Award for Best Young Novelist.

Dillon’s book featured himself, his mother, Santa, a bomb, a portal, and a giant carnivorous turkey, all wrapped up in an adventurous story. His mother called the library to ensure her son’s book would not get lost or taken, and the librarians responded by putting it into circulation, stating that “it deserves a spot on our library shelves.”

The waiting list for Dillon’s book has since grown to 56 people, a testament to his creativity and hard work.

Dillon has decided to pursue a career in writing, even setting a deadline for himself to stop at the age of 40 and switch to game creation. His next book, “The Jacket-Eating Closet,” is already in the works, based on actual events.

Dillon’s story is a reminder that following your dreams and pursuing your passions can lead to great success, with the support of those who believe in you.