8-year-old girl who lost siblings sobs with joy after helping mother deliver her “perfect” baby sister

Sibling relationships often result in unbreakable bonds. For one girl, a special bond was established even when her sister was still in the womb. She was concerned about her mother’s pregnancy and wanted to participate as much as she could in the delivery.

Every little girl fantasizes of having a big sister like Brooke Curtis. The girl was eager to have a sibling, but her mother’s pregnancy was difficult.

When Brooke’s parents, Kelsey and Stefan, informed her that a baby was on the way in 2013, she was delighted. Her heart, however, was broken when Kelsey had a miscarriage.

The young girl was inconsolable.

The baby was lost, and the distraught sister wailed uncontrollably while trying to comprehend it. In an effort to comfort Brooke, her mother assured her that the child was in God’s care. It comforted Brooke to hear her say that the child was too precious for the planet.

The Arizona mother tried to get pregnant once more but had two more terrible miscarriages over a four-year period. The pair concealed the awful news from Brooke because it wasn’t easy and they didn’t want to add to her suffering.

There were numerous worries and inquiries.

Despite their disappointment, Brooke’s parents remained devoted and optimistic, and when Brooke was six, Kelsey eventually gave birth to a sister called Ellie. The eager sister was looking forward to becoming Ellie’s best friend and had practiced holding a doll.

The young girl’s doubts and fears resurfaced when Brooke’s mother discovered that she was carrying another child. She enquired about the well-being of baby Summer and how they were certain she was healthy.

The mother understood her daughter’s anxiety and pointed out:

“My miscarriages and fertility journey were hard on me. With Summer’s pregnancy, Brooke would ask very valid questions — I’m pretty sure we all felt the way she did.”

An Important Role all through the Labor

Because of the terrible events, Brooke was able to summon the strength to surprise her mother with a question before Summer was born. She had no interest in sitting on the sidelines during the delivery of her mother and yearned to be part in any way that was feasible.

The woman’s midwife shared with her that her little daughter Brooke may play an important role in the delivery by cutting the umbilical chord. Additionally, she permitted her to catch the baby, which was an experience that everyone in the room will remember for the rest of their lives.

It Was a Very Touching and Moving Moment

Photos taken during the delivery in January 2018 captured the delight and happiness on the face of the young girl, who was eight years old at the time. Brooke shown bravery by stating,  “Yes! She’s just so perfect,” just after she had her first encounter with her sister.

As she assisted in the delivery of the baby girl, Brooke’s heart melted. Kelsey had an overwhelming sense of pride for her daughter, who served as her support and companion during the entire labor process. The mother went on to say:

“She and I walked the halls of the birth center together, she massaged my feet, and we danced together in my room to Summer’s heartbeat over the monitor. It was perfect.”

The Brave Young Girl Was a Model for Others to Follow

The mother was blown away by Brooke’s loving nature and sweet nature, both of which shone through on the special day. It was amazing for the pair to witness how readily she loved other people and how she took on the role ofsister.Brooke’s journey through labor and delivery changed her in more ways than one and was an event that she will never forget. She was overjoyed to hear that her sister was in good health and made an unanticipated comment. She stated that she aspired to work in the field of midwifery!

“I thought it would make a really good bond with us as sisters. It was really cool to cut the cord, and I was really happy to be in there with my parents.”

In order to help her mother and sister, Brooke went above and above. She will be able to relive the events and demonstrate to Summer how their unique sisterhood came to be in the future. Congratulations, Brooke, on your bravery!