70th wedding anniversary photo session of this geriatric couple has the internet in awe

Everyone believes they desire true love and a happy ever after. However, finding true affection and love is much tougher than it seems.

Therefore, a marriage that has lasted for seventy years is certainly something to celebrate.

In point of fact, there needs to be more going on than just celebrating. If your marriage has endured for that many decades, it should be recognized with some sort of accolades, such as a medal, a plaque, or something else of the sort.

In celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary, Melvin and Nancy Behning, Anna Behning’s grandparents, became viral on the internet.

Behning said: “I was literally scrubbing my kitchen floors when I got the notification. I tried to explain to grandpa and grandma that they are famous and grandpa asked ‘what newspaper’ (lol no concept of the internet whatsoever).” 

Behning honored the pair, who were 91 and 86 years old, with a post on his blog.

Behning made a promise in her article that she would provide the “secret” to having a marriage last for seven decades, which she had discovered by talking to her parents and grandparents.

The first time Nancy and Melvin met together was at a roller skating rink in Mitchell, South Dakota. Melvin didn’t wait too long after that fateful night to propose for a wedding, and he did it at a ballpark in the neighborhood.

On the day of their wedding in January 1952, Nancy wore a dress that cost $35 and a veil that cost $15. She did end up saving those special items, and she wore them for a picture shoot honoring their anniversary.

Melvin wore his army uniform on that particular day, and despite the passage of time, it is still a good fit for him.

After that, he participated in the conflict in Korea and they continue to reside in the same location in which they got married.  This loving couple has five children, 12 grandchildren, and 21 great-grandchildren.

The pair offered the following advise:

Nancy said: “Forget and forgive and make the best of your life situations.”

Nancy added that the secret to their happy marriage was keeping God at the center of it.

Melvin shared: “You won’t always agree, sometimes you have a disagreement, but when you have one of those you sit down and talk about it and come up with an answer. Don’t bring it back up!”

Furthermore, it was extraordinarily tender, showing how deeply these two people loved one another.