7-year-old sees a drowning toddler at the bottom of a pool and bravely saves him

Swimming is an important life skill that everyone should have. And in this situation, little Massiah Browne demonstrated to everyone around him the value of learning to swim at a young age!

Messiah Browne, who is only seven years old, has been swimming for nearly half of his life. According to the photos his family posts on their Instagram account, the young boy appears to enjoy his time in the water.

Messiah was swimming at WestLake Apartments in Sacramento when he noticed something strange. He immediately went to get help after seeing a child at the bottom of the pool.

He told his aunt Savannah Martinborough, who is only nine years old, what he saw. She immediately directed Messiah to remove the child from the water. The 7-year-old jumped into the pool as soon as he heard his aunt’s voice.

“He grabbed his arm and came back up with him”  the 9-year-old aunt recalls. The seven-year-old had rescued a three-year-old who had fallen into the pool and was sinking to the bottom, about to drown. The pair then reported the child to the adults at the pool, who acted quickly.

Adults who had received CPR training assisted in caring for the child until the Sacramento Fire Department arrived to provide medical assistance.

When the toddler was taken to the hospital, his breathing had returned to normal.

Little Messiah Browne ended up saving a life, but he doesn’t consider himself a hero for his bravery! However, he admits that his mother regards the youngster as a hero! And she should, because Messiah was brave and helped save a life.

The 9-year-old and 7-year-old have a message for people: make sure kids are comfortable and are always being watched when they are in the pool; excellent advice!