5-year-old kid holding a toddler in his arms and knocking on the door of neighbor asks for help

Do you recall the first time as a youngster that you were lost by your parents and left alone? Perhaps you got lost after straying off. Were you calm or did panic take over?

By following his instincts, a 5-year-old child from San Tan Valley, Arizona was able to save his mom.


A loud sound

He did it all on his own, without any guidance, coaching, or manuals, and neither a door nor a high switch could stop him.

While Salvatore Cicalese was resting in his bed, he became aware of a sound coming from the adjacent bathroom.

His mom was unconscious and fallen on the floor as he entered the room. Salvatore did not shout or cry in fear like other children would have.


Protecting his little sister

Instead, he carried his baby sister, who was only two months old, to the living room after wrapping her in a blanket. He then moved a bar stool to the garage and utilized it to reach the garage door switch.

He carried his infant sister all the way to their neighbor’s home.

Their next-door neighbor, Jessica Penoyer, claimed that she was shocked to see the children at her door in the middle of the night.


Asking for aid

Penner was perplexed because she believed he was suggesting that their dog had passed away. However, the kid insisted that it was his mother and that she had passed away while she was showering. In addition to that, he requested that she look after them.

Penoyer didn’t waste any time and dialed 911.

The first responders found the woman unconscious in the bathroom with the water running in the bathtub. The situation would have resulted in a tragic outcome if Salvatore had not taken action.

Salvatore’s mother, Kaitlyn Cicalese, spoke to the local news station: “Honestly he saved my life. I was under the faucet. If he wouldn’t have gotten help, I would have drowned.”

A seizure happened to Kaitlyn.

After the children were put to bed, the terrible experience started. After a long day, Kaitlyn decided to take a shower, which is the last thing she recalls. She discovered she was already in a hospital when she awoke.


When the story was told to the rural Metro firefighters, they appreciated Sal’s bravery.

A fire truck arrived at their house, and a group of firefighters gave him a medal, a helmet, and a patch.

Shawn Gilleland, a spokeswoman for the fire department, introduced Sal as a “honorary fireman,” and Sal seemed happy with his new position.

The fire department also used this chance to speak with parents.

They clarified that this incident is an excellent illustration of the potential risks one could face when around young children. The government emphasized the point that kids should receive clear instructions and practice exercises so they know how to act in an emergency.

To discover more and hear the brave hero, watch the video below below.