5-Year-Old Empties Piggy Bank and Tells Heartbreaking Story—Grandma Has To Act

A heartwarming story emerged from Ishpeming, Michigan, where a 5-year-old girl named Sunshine Oelfke demonstrated an act of kindness beyond her years.

Upon discovering that her friend could not afford milk at school, Sunshine emptied her piggy bank and brought the money to school to pay for her friend’s milk.

When it was revealed that other children at the school were also struggling to afford milk, Sunshine’s grandmother donated her work earnings to cover the costs.

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Facebook/Jackie Sue Oelfke

To ensure that no child at her school went without milk, Sunshine started a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of raising $700 to pay for milk for her class for the entire semester.

To everyone’s surprise, the campaign was wildly successful, raising over $7,000. This little girl has proved that one small act of kindness can make a significant impact.