4-year-old hero saves his mother’s life just one day after he learned how to call an ambulance

Some individuals think that there are no coincidences or accidents, and that everything we do is predestined.

Wendy Cocker of Launceston, Tasmania, probably wasn’t thinking about fate when she taught her 4-year-old son how to phone 000, Australia’s version of 911. She was only certain that Monty Cocker understood what to do if she had one of her seizures.

“I’d been to Agfest with the school and we’d visited the ambulance station as part of our checklist of places that we needed to go and I came home and thought, ‘Gee I really need to teach Monty how to do it,’” Wendy said, adding, “Having seizures, I do need to let him know how to do it.”

Monty’s newfound knowledge was put to the test the next day when Wendy had a seizure and fell, losing consciousness. The last thing she remembers is dialing her husband’s phone number. When she opened her eyes, two paramedics were there to help her. Monty had dialed 911 on his own, provided the operator with his address, and even informed them that the family dog is all bark and no bite!

“When we got inside, we saw little Monty; he met us there and he was on the phone to our comms and we walked in and found his mum on the floor and he said she’d fallen over,” said Danielle Masters, who arrived on the scene with colleague paramedic Mark Small.

Danielle was taken aback that someone so young had requested assistance.

“I’ve worked here for 15 years and this is the first time a 4-year-old has made a call to an ambulance,” she continued.

Danielle Masters, Mark Small, Wendy Cocker, and Monty Cocker, a 4-year-old hero.

The medics came to the Cocker house a few days later to present Monty with a certificate of appreciation. Wendy reports that her kid is enjoying all of the attention!

“His grandma came around and was like: ‘Where’s the superhero?’ And he said: ‘Oh no, I’m not superhero. I’m just a hero,’” she joked.

It’s a good thing Wendy taught Monty how to call for assistance! This story serves as a timely reminder for all parents to ensure that their children understand what to do in an emergency. They may one day save your life!