4-year-old boy spends months pleading for his grandfather to awaken from his coma and come home

When an Atlanta, Georgia, boy’s grandfather became ill, he experienced heartbreak. The young boy took matters into his own hands by praying while the man was in the hospital fighting for his life. His faith undoubtedly had an impact!

Little Owen, who was only four years old, already had a heart of gold. He genuinely cared about the people in his life and made an effort to help whenever he could.

As his beloved Opa lay unconscious in 2020, the child took the one action he knew would be of benefit. He requested God to intervene and perform a miracle for a member of his family. It was touching to see him in the picture with his hands clasped in prayer and his eyes closed.

He offered daily his Opa prayers.

The thought of Chuck Paulus’s grandfather suffering broke Owen’s heart. The lone child put down his toys and took a moment to think about paradise. He swore to pray for his Opa each day till he recovered and arrived home without problem.

The adorable little one yearned to see his relative once more in good health and happiness. He was concerned because he was aware that many of his loved ones were ill. However, his grandfather’s health took a severe turn for the worst, and the elderly man desperately needed prayers.

The Touching Reunion

Owen and his grandfather spent a lot of time together, so when he got some news concerning his loved one after a few months, the young boy was overcome with emotion. Nancy Paulus, Owen’s grandma, described her husband as “a miracle” after hearing the wonderful news.

When he left the hospital, he was excited to see his family again; the grandfather’s reunion with his grandson was emotional. He had gone from being in a coma and barely alive on life support. According to Brandee Hanes, the daughter of Chuck:

“I got to experience the moment they hugged each other for the first time. And it was after 90-something days. And I won’t lie, I lost it, I was bawling my eyes out.”

The Timing Was Perfect

Owen’s grandpa was healed through the power of prayer, and it came at the perfect time: on the occasion of their fortieth wedding anniversary. The struggles that the couple had been through made the anniversary an even more significant event.

Not only did grandfather Chuck have the good fortune to be present on the anniversary, but he also saw other significant life events. In addition to that, he was able to see the joy of yet another grandchild being brought into the world. His grandchild was born two days after he was released from the hospital.

The fact that he was honored by having his name given to the baby girl was a source of great joy for the senior citizen. The speed of his recuperation was a predetermined miracle that boosted their confidence in God’s care. Little Owen likewise thought his grandfather’s good health was evidence that miracles did exist.

The Power of Prayer

Although the grandfather had a long way to go before he was fully recovered, the doctors were astounded and surprised by his improvement. Everyone present was inspired to have a little bit more trust as a result of the breathtaking experience.

It is imperative that people never undervalue the power that comes from love and prayer. The deeds of Little Owen had a significant impact, and they unquestionably offered his family members and friends a source of positive motivation. Grandma Nancy had high hopes that the tale would shine a positive light on the world, which she saw as being filled with far too much “doom and gloom.”

Because Owen believed in something more potent than what the doctors thought or anticipated, he was able to maintain his optimism over the possibility of a favorable outcome despite those factors. Congratulations to the courageous young prayer warrior for his dogged tenacity and unwavering dedication to the care of his cherished relative.

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