33-year marriage of Bon Jovi is evidence that high school love can last a lifetime

Jon Bon Jovi’s unwavering love for Dorothea Hurley is the one thing he’s always been sure of. Despite receiving advice to the contrary over the years, he never hesitated to marry her. According to the music icon, he feels ten times better now than he did back then, and in retrospect, their marriage was the best decision he ever made.

The couple first met in a high school history class in 1980 when they were both just 18 years old. Their initial interaction involved Jon trying to sneak a peek at Dorothea’s exam answers and engaging in small talk. Eventually, they developed feelings for each other and began a romantic relationship.

In 1989, Bon Jovi’s music career was soaring, with his band having the top-ranked album and song. While they were in a hotel room at the time, he surprised Hurley by suggesting that they elope. He recounted how he pulled back the curtain in his room, only to see a billboard of himself staring right back at him.

He shared his idea with Dorothea, suggesting they elope right then and there. She thought he was crazy, but he insisted that there was no better time than the present. They ended up flying to Las Vegas in a small plane, taking a cab, and getting married without telling anyone. The only witness was the cab driver.

When they returned, news of their marriage had spread through the media, and Bon Jovi’s management was furious about his impulsive decision. They warned him that getting married could harm his career, bringing the newlyweds back to reality.

Despite facing repeated criticism, the couple remained steadfast and had faith in their beautiful relationship. According to Bon Jovi, when news of their wedding broke on that Monday, many Americans were outraged, and some even tried to ruin the special occasion, attempting to deprive them of that moment.

Nevertheless, they went ahead with their marriage, despite the criticism and intrusive rumors. Hurley believes that it worked because they grew together at the same pace, evolving in unison rather than diverging. Their 33-year marriage has been a testament to their strong bond, proving the naysayers wrong.

He still expresses his admiration for his wife, with whom he has raised four wonderful children. He acknowledges that she is the cornerstone of his family, career, and very existence, and he feels fortunate to have someone like her in his life whom he can love and trust.

She is the glue that holds everything together, while he is the visionary who keeps everything in constant motion, causing things to fray at the seams. She follows him around with a needle and thread, fixing everything up.

Over the course of his career, the rock ‘n’ roll icon has been called many things, but there is one title he gladly accepts. He admits that he has somehow managed to acquire the face of a long-married rock star, but he is proud of it and willing to take on the responsibility.