31-year-old man invites neighbor to live with him so she won’t have to spend final days alone

In order to demonstrate your love for your neighbor, how far would you go?

We believe that the practice of kindness should begin in our own homes. After then, we gradually make it available to people who are nearest to us. Outside of our own family, we ought to show courtesy and compassion to our neighbors first. It may be as easy as respecting the boundaries they set for themselves or lending a hand to them when they are in need.

This well-known American actor given a whole new meaning to the phrase  “loving your neighbor”


Chris Salvatore was taken aback when he found himself developing a friendship with a senior citizen who was 89 years old. In 2015, he moved into his apartment in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and shortly thereafter, he noticed an elderly lady staring out her window. She was always ready with a kind hello for everybody who passed by.

Chris and Norma Cook both live on the same level, and Cook’s apartment is diagonally across from Chris’s.


After learning that she was a lone resident of her apartment with her cat, he began paying her many visits there on a regular basis. Chris came to the realization that spending time with her was the least he could do for her.

The two quickly became the best of friends and enjoyed spending time together in happy moments.

Chris posts about this delightful combination on his various social media platforms. He shared photographs of them observing several holidays together as well as recordings of activities such as their pizza night, in which they ate pizza while sitting in Norma’s bed. He freely admits that she has taken the spotlight away from him and that her posts have received more likes than his own.

After that, things went from bad to worse when Norma was given a diagnosis of leukemia.


When the costs began to pile up, Chris immediately turned to social media in an attempt to solicit assistance. He established a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe in order to contribute toward Norma’s medical and hospital expenses.

Overnight, the page brought in more than thirty thousand dollars!

Even if some individuals only knew Norma through Chris’s articles, this merely demonstrates how well-liked and respected she was by everyone. When she found out about the news, she was completely happy.

However, the cash were quickly depleted, and Chris began to contemplate the most effective strategy to assist her.


He extended an invitation for Norma to stay with him in his apartment. In this way, she is spared the burden of worrying about the costs of maintaining her home and her many utilities. Additionally, he is in a position to look after her and provide the necessary care that she need.

Some people might think that Norma is such a lucky person to have Chris, but Chris feels the opposite.


He stated in an interview with NBC News: “As much as I’m here helping her, she’s helped me tremendously. It’s really brought me back to what’s important: family, love, human kindness.” 

Additionally, Norma is grateful that she was able to spend the rest of her days with Chris by her side.


She had no desire to ever be placed in an institution or to remain in the hospice until her final breath. After spending some time in the hospital, she couldn’t wait to get back home to Chris and her cat. In the arms of someone who cared for her and loved her like a member of their own family was her ideal place to pass away.

Unfortunately, Norma passed away a few years later, and Chris wrote a post on social media in which he poured out his heart.

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