3-year-old girl wakes up at her own funeral after being declared dead by doctors

Camila Peralta, a three-year-old girl, had recently celebrated her birthday and was thrilled to embark on a new journey in kindergarten. According to her mother, Mery Mendoza Peralta, Camila was eagerly talking about her upcoming first day in kindergarten.

Camila was so enthusiastic about starting school that she desired to be well-prepared and knowledgeable. Her mother mentioned that Camila had even arranged books to study, so she wouldn’t appear unintelligent at school.

Peralta had provided her daughter with all the essential books to learn reading, coloring, and letters. Camila was thrilled to display her vibrant lunch boxes at school.

However, Camila’s excitement was short-lived, as her mother reported that she began to exhibit symptoms such as stomach ache, fever, and vomiting, even before she could attend her first day of Kindergarten.

After noticing Camila’s symptoms, her mother hurriedly took her to the nearest pediatrician in their Horseshoe community. Little did she know that this would be the start of an emotionally exhausting journey.

Visiting Hospitals and Tragic Death

Upon reaching the pediatrician’s office, they were advised to take Camila to a hospital due to severe dehydration.

Following the recommendation, Peralta took her daughter to The Basica Hospital of Salinas de Hidalgo, hoping that Camila would receive proper medical attention and recover.

Upon receiving medical attention, professionals treated the three-year-old by placing wet towels on her to reduce her fever. Peralta was then instructed to purchase suppositories. After a few hours, Camila was given a serum and painkillers, and the medical staff cleared her to go home.

Unfortunately, Camila’s health did not improve, and her parents noticed no positive changes. Therefore, they decided to seek the opinion of another private doctor. The new doctor prescribed different medication for Camila, advised her to consume non-sweet fruits, and suggested that she stay hydrated.

Despite the new medication and dietary suggestions, Camila’s vomiting persisted. Consequently, Peralta decided to take her back to the private doctor, who quickly attended to her and arranged for her to be hospitalized. However, when the doctors attempted to administer an IV, the process was delayed as the nurses struggled to locate a vein.

Eventually, they succeeded, but Peralta claimed that her daughter was disconnected ten minutes later, and an electrocardiogram was not performed to monitor her heart signals.

Peralta embraced her daughter, and even though Camila was weak and helpless, she sensed her trying to muster the strength to hug her back. But to their dismay, they were informed to let Camila “rest in peace.”

Camila’s parents received the heartbreaking news that their daughter had passed away. Peralta was then placed in a room and informed that she could not see her daughter. She pleaded with the doctor for one last opportunity to say goodbye to Camila but was unsuccessful.

The Girl Woke Up on Her Funeral

The funeral home brought Camila’s casket to the family’s home, unaware that the little girl was still alive inside.

Initially, Peralta noticed that the glass panel on the casket was fogged up. However, following the advice of her family, she refrained from opening it, thinking that she might be experiencing hallucinations due to the pain of losing her child.

Finally, Peralta’s mother-in-law peered into the casket and noticed that Camila’s eyes were moving. They then checked her pulse and discovered that her heart was still beating.

Without delay, the family summoned an ambulance. However, as they rushed to the hospital, Camila’s heartbeat gradually decreased, and by the time they arrived, she was declared deceased once again.

Now, Camila’s family was left with two death certificates and a strong sense that their daughter had not received proper care. They sought justice for her untimely passing.

Peralta, as Camila’s mother, confessed to holding a deep resentment towards the doctors and demanded justice for her daughter’s mistreatment.

Her only desire was to prevent another family from experiencing such negligence. Peralta has lodged a complaint with the Villa de Ramos municipality, but so far, the authorities have not reached out to the family.

Peralta was devastated by the loss of her daughter, who she described as a sociable child that treated everyone kindly. She is determined to fight for her daughter’s life and clear her name of any wrongdoing.

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