25-year-old woman spends 5 hours daily in the kitchen, saying it’s her duty to make husband’s life easier

Estee Williams, a 25-year-old meteorology student from Virginia, has recently faced criticism online for her decision to live as a “tradwife.” Estee is married to Connor, a 23-year-old electrician, and is content with her gender position as a housewife, taking care of all household duties in their home.

Despite receiving backlash for her traditional role, Estee defends her lifestyle and values the dynamic she has with her husband.

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Estee and Connor met in 2020 and fell instantly in love, discovering they had a lot in common. Estee takes pride in being a typical wife and does not expect her husband to perform any household chores. In fact, she prefers to take care of everything herself and rarely asks for help. This includes cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping, which she only does with her husband’s permission. She even lets him plan her day and never goes to the gym without him.

According to Estee, her husband is supportive of her decision to be a housewife, and the couple plans to continue their dynamic once they have children. They also intend to homeschool their kids so they can control what they learn intellectually. In a TikTok video, Estee emphasizes the importance of creating a solid foundation for a successful marriage, adding that being a tradwife is a part of that foundation.

Estee’s upbringing may have contributed to her decision to become a housewife. She grew up in a troubled environment and witnessed her mother’s hardship after her divorce. Estee believes that women cannot have it all, and being a tradwife allows her to focus on her family and home life without worrying about employment or expenses. Despite receiving criticism for her lifestyle, Estee appreciates the dynamic she has with her husband and values the support system they have created for each other.