24-year-old rookie in NFL uses $2.6 million signing bonus to purchase house for his mother

Most of us dream of showing gratitude to our parents for their love and support while we were growing up. Whether big or small, any gesture of appreciation is always cherished.

A 24-year-old NFL rookie wanted to express his gratitude to his mother by giving her the ultimate gift: a new house, after signing a contract with the Washington Commanders.

On Instagram, Phidarian ‘Phil’ Mathis announced, “Momma, you don’t have to worry about rent anymore.”

Phidarian ‘Phil’ Mathis, a 24-year-old NFL rookie who recently signed with the Washington Commanders after being drafted in the second round, used part of his $2.639 million signing bonus to purchase a house for his mother.

His four-year contract with the team is worth $7.506 million. Many people wonder what they would do with such a large sum of money at such a young age, but Mathis knew exactly how he wanted to use it to show his appreciation for his mother’s support.

He took to Instagram to share photos and a video of his mom’s reaction when she saw her new home for the first time. It is heartwarming to see Mathis using a portion of his signing bonus to purchase a home for his mother as a way to thank her for her unwavering support.

Both Mathis and his mom deserve congratulations for this significant milestone in their lives. It is a wonderful gesture that demonstrates his love and appreciation for his mother.