21-Year-Old Moves to US, Marries ‘Grandpa,’ Receives Heirloom Ring as Symbol of Love

A love story defying a 42-year age gap has captivated attention. David, 70, crossed paths with his now-wife Jackie, 28, in the Philippines before the couple relocated to California when she turned 21. Despite sharing their relationship openly online, the pair has been met with a barrage of negative comments, though they remain unfazed by the animosity.

Hailing from California, David, at 70, shares his life with Jackie, who hails from the Philippines and is 28. The substantial age difference between them has ignited a whirlwind of debates and controversies surrounding their relationship.

David and Jackie have chosen to embrace the spotlight by candidly documenting their journey on social media. Unfortunately, this exposure has subjected them to a slew of harsh comments, questioning the authenticity of their bond.

Nevertheless, David and Jackie have chosen to rise above the negativity. They adamantly assert their genuine affection for one another and aspire to inspire other couples who grapple with age gaps to fearlessly celebrate their love.

The genesis of David and Jackie’s story traces back to an online dating platform called Cherry Blossoms, which specializes in facilitating connections with Philippine and Asian women.

As serendipity would have it, David was in the Philippines when he stumbled upon Jackie’s profile. His enthusiastic recollection captures his reaction, “I practically jumped out of my chair. I was so impressed by what I saw.”

Fortuitously, Jackie agreed to meet him, despite not having viewed David’s profile. She held the belief that he was a kind gentleman. Their initial rendezvous paved the way for several subsequent dates before David returned to his home country. It wasn’t long before he journeyed back to the Philippines three months later for another date with Jackie.

Their journey escalated swiftly, with David proposing to Jackie less than six months from their initial encounter. Amidst this whirlwind romance, Jackie obtained her visa 11 months later, enabling her to embark on a new chapter in California alongside David at the tender age of 21.

As the couple revisited their love story in a heartfelt video, they flipped through a photo album, recounting their cherished wedding memories. Despite Jackie’s family’s absence, her radiant smile encapsulated the beauty of the day.

Expressing her unwavering commitment, Jackie remarked, “I won’t regret marrying Dave because he’s a really nice man. He loves me, he respects me, he’s the best.” Fortunately, David’s mother bore witness to their union, bestowing upon Jackie a cherished family heirloom ring.

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Throughout their journey, David conscientiously addressed their significant age gap with Jackie, underscoring the implications and ensuring her unwavering resolve. Jackie’s resolute response, “Yes, I do,” remained steadfast, affirming her commitment every time.

Amidst their journey, the couple has become a prominent presence on social media, sharing videos during the Covid-19 lockdown. Their TikTok following burgeoned to 47,300 followers, albeit accompanied by a slew of positive and negative comments.

Regrettably, the couple has encountered derogatory remarks, with some labeling David as a “sugar daddy” or insinuating ulterior motives. Jackie, however, remains steadfast in her authenticity, unperturbed by such accusations.

In response to allegations, Jackie has taken to her platform to address inquiries regarding their relationship and her decision to marry someone significantly older. She occasionally playfully addresses the “gold digger” comments, employing humor to deflect negativity.

Amidst the playful banter, the couple’s enduring partnership shines through. Jackie’s employment at a local drug store supports her family in the Philippines, while David shoulders the majority of household expenses.

In the face of skepticism and detractors, David and Jackie have found a harmonious dynamic that sustains their love. Despite external judgments, the 70-year-old David expresses a profound contentment, standing as a testament to the unbreakable bond they share.

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