200 million people watches the owner’s response after telling the dog that he gave all the treats to the cats

It has been referred to as the “best video on the internet” by some, and given its 205 million views, we have to agree.

According to the 205 million views it has received, many people appear to agree that it is the “best video on the internet,” as some have claimed.

This video, which was posted to YouTube under the title “Ultimate Dog Tease,” made many people smile.

Recently, though, it has started to circulate once more, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

A dog owner talks to his dog about food treats from the meat drawer in the hilarious one minute and twenty second video.


The owner has dubbed a voice over the video to make it appear as though the dog is actually speaking back to him, which is what makes the video so hilarious.

The proprietor first begins chatting with his adorable dog about the meat drawer in the refrigerator that contains maple bacon. In complete suspense, the dog is hilariously “responding back.”
The dog appears to be saying small “yeahs” and “okays” when speaking.

The dog was obviously given a more “dopey” and innocent-sounding voice than the owner, who has a deep, manly voice from the east coast.


With those adorable eyes and a curious demeanor, the dog really does fit the description perfectly.

The conversation then begins to veer off course.
The owner is telling his dog that after pulling out the maple bacon from a drawer, he had the thought, “I know who would like that,” and grabbed it.

Yep, the dog barks back in response to every question. yeah?” requesting the meat drawer’s bacon, as if to say, “Please tell me you’re going to give me that!”

“Me! So, I ate it!” the dog owner says.

The dog yawns and looks away hysterically at that point, but the dub gives the impression that he is just appalled beyond belief that no bacon was shared with him.

The owner keeps teasing, “I also noticed there was some beef in there,” The dog immediately becomes tense again. He might still have a chance.


By eating the beef, the owner disappoints the dog yet again.

Then, some cheese-topped chicken with cat treats!

The dog really wants to partake in this meal, but this is when the bad news returns.

The cat received it from the owner!

Thanks to the owner’s inventive editing techniques, the dog’s yawn is repeatedly transformed into the most excruciating sound of disappointment.

You could definitely picture yourself having this conversation with your dog!


Of course, as soon as the video was uploaded, it quickly became popular. And this? To date, it has received over 205 million views.

Many of the comments that have come in agree that this video is the best of the best.
“I’m sorry but this will forever be the best video on the internet 😂😂”
“5 years of watching this vid & i never tire of it, it’s great for morale. I want to wholeheartedly thank this guy and his awesome dog for putting many smiles onto my face. It keeps a retired 🇬🇧 soldier seriously amused at times when I’m feeling blue 👌🏻”
“For the last 8 years my family has brought this video up at-least every other month.”