13-Year-Old Discovers Megalodon Shark Tooth While Vacationing at the Beach

An enthusiastic young fossil enthusiast in England has stumbled upon a massive tooth belonging to the colossal ancient megalodon shark.

Ben Evans, a 13-year-old, along with his father Jason Evans, made the remarkable discovery on Walton-on-the-Naze Beach, Essex, in late July. The tooth, estimated to be around ten million years old, was found amidst their fossil-hunting excursion.

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Having previously gathered approximately 100 smaller shark teeth on trips to this sandy shoreline, which is renowned for its prehistoric treasures, Ben’s interest in fossil hunting had been nurtured from a young age. Jason mentioned that Ben’s passion for uncovering fossils had developed naturally, sparked by his initial visits to the Jurassic Coastline spanning Devon and Dorset.

After dedicating more than two days to his quest for new fossils, his efforts finally paid off when he stumbled upon the approximately six-inch tall tooth nestled within a small hole during the early hours of the morning.

Subsequent analysis by experts conclusively identified the tooth as belonging to a Megalodon—a colossal shark species that once roamed the oceans and could reach lengths of up to 18 meters. The Megalodon went extinct approximately 3.6 million years ago.

“I was completely shocked,” Ben admitted. “I didn’t expect it. I’ve watched people on YouTube finding them in places like Florida, but I never thought I would find one in England.”

“There were three big rocks nearby, and I found it in a small hole. I had to crawl through the hole to pick it up. It was just there, it wasn’t covered by anything.”

According to his father, they had visited Walton-on-the-Naze over the previous weekend and embarked on extensive daily walks, covering several miles each day, in their determined search for remarkable fossils.

“We took it up to the Essex Wildlife Trust—they had a quick look, took a photo, and assessed it would be about ten million years old,” said Jason Evans. “Those little ones are quite easy to find, you just need to have good eyesight and time it correctly with the tides.”

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