13-year-old achieves science and cybersecurity degree from Oklahoma City Community College

At just 13 years old, Elijah Muhammad has accomplished an extraordinary feat that sets him apart from most his age: he is now a college graduate. Elijah proudly received his associate’s degree in computer science and cybersecurity from Oklahoma City Community College, and he shared with ABC News affiliate KOCO that he holds 10 IBM certifications, a Google IT certification, and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Oklahoma State University.

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“My dad has a homeschool program called Pro One Collegiate Academy and it basically accelerates your learning into things that you’re interested in,” Elijah told “Good Morning America.” “So, since I was interested in cybersecurity, it accelerated me in that and I was able to go to college early.”

Elijah recounted how his presence in community college classes often caught the attention of fellow students, who would mistakenly assume that an adult was accompanying him as a babysitter.

“I told them that I was actually in this class [at] my age — they were surprised at first,” he said. “They thought I would just be quiet in class. But when I asked questions and I was interacting with the class, they were more surprised.”

Shania Muhammad, Elijah’s older sister, expressed to KOCO that her brother is “the most intelligent person” she knows. She shared how amazed she was by Elijah’s capabilities, regardless of his age.

Shania, who herself graduated from Langston University at the age of 15, collaborated with Elijah and served as an inspiration for him to achieve early graduation.

Reflecting on her own experience, Shania mentioned completing two associate’s degrees by the age of 14 and subsequently pursuing her bachelor’s degree, completing it in a remarkable two and a half years.

She described her journey as one of exploration and enjoyment, leading to an unexpectedly remarkable outcome.

Elijah said the siblings are “competitive,” but added, “When someone else needs help, we’re all there to help each other out.”

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Elijah Muhammad standing at graduation with his peers.

In addition to his dedicated studies, Elijah manages to find time for various extracurricular activities such as swimming and basketball. Furthermore, he serves as a motivational speaker, aiming to inspire and assist others in reaching their own goals.

Elijah conveyed his belief in the power of determination, stating to KOCO, “If you want to put your mind to making a 4.0, you can do it. If you want to put your mind to winning a state championship, you can do it. You just gotta put in the work that it takes to accomplish that.”

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