12-year-old girl rescues her family from carbon monoxide poisoning

A 12-year-old girl has earned praise for her heroic act of saving her family from a potentially fatal situation in Fort Worth, Texas, where carbon monoxide was slowly filling their home.

Jaziyah Parker, sensing that something was amiss, quickly realized the danger when her mother and younger brother started losing consciousness. Acting swiftly, she dialed 911, desperately seeking assistance.

During the call, Jaziyah’s urgency was palpable as she pleaded for help, stating, “Something is wrong with my mama. Can you please hurry up and come?” The Fort Worth Fire Department released a recording of the call, showcasing her quick thinking and bravery.

According to a statement from the fire department to ABC News, Jaziyah’s timely and critical call made all the difference. Without her intervention, the entire family would not have survived the ordeal.

Recently, a ceremony was held to honor Jaziyah for her life-saving 911 call. The event gathered her family, along with authorities, who recognized her courageous act.

Recalling the frightening incident, Jaziyah explained how her family’s behavior abruptly shifted from normal to frantic. “At first, they were acting normal, and when I returned to my room, they suddenly started screaming, throwing up, and eventually passed out,” she shared.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, accidental carbon monoxide poisoning claims the lives of at least 430 individuals annually. This silent and odorless gas is particularly treacherous due to its invisibility and the difficulty in detecting its presence.

In the case of Jaziyah’s family, firefighters discovered that they had inadvertently left their car running in the garage. “When a car runs in an enclosed environment, it significantly increases the risk of carbon monoxide exposure,” explained Dr. Stephanie Widmer, an emergency medicine physician and medical toxicologist, during an interview with “Good Morning America.”

Understanding the gravity of carbon monoxide poisoning can be challenging, which is why carbon monoxide detectors are crucial in safeguarding lives. Dr. Widmer emphasized their significance, stating, “They’re so important for realizing what’s happening.”

In recognition of her quick thinking and courage, the city of Fort Worth held a special ceremony on May 23, 2023, to honor Jaziyah. Reflecting on the incident, Jaziyah’s mother, Ariel Mitchell, expressed her gratitude, saying, “I’m the one who is supposed to protect my children. It’s like I was the one getting protected by them.”

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